Welcome to Junglaat
Nestling at the foot of the Dhauladhar, just
02 Kms the heart of McLeod Ganj,Junglaat
is the only ecorganic accommodation for the
discerning traveller.
Designed for you to experience
McLeod Ganj and Dharamshala.
Our tranquil lodge with its lush green trees
around, multitude of birds and authentic local
delicaciesis the perfect getaway.
Do visit us to experience a truly
restful holiday in Northern India.

Modern & Intimate

Junglaat was born out of our desire to showcase McLeod Ganj & Dharamshala like never before.

Every aspect of the lodge is an amalgamation of Himachali
and Tibetan culture – from our rooms where you will find hints of delicate Thangka paintings, typical Kullu shawls geometrical designs, to our kitchen that serves food inspired by the homes of Kangra. Junglaat is all about the town it inhabits.

McLeod Ganj is where India meets Tibet, allow us to show you the real town that is surrounded by the beautiful Dhauladhar ranges of majestic Himalayas.


Mcleodganj beyond Monks &

We believe that every guest is an explorer, a wanderer, a true traveller for whom a
destination is way more than a checklist of places to visit.
Keeping your needs in mind we have curated experiences that take you where no
tourist has ever been.
We understand your need to see more than what travel books offer and that’s why
we don’t create itineraries, instead we share stories that only the locals know.
Simply choose the facet you want to explore and leave the rest to us.


Eat Local

And we understand your need to taste something healthy,
something local, something unique.

Our menu is curated from local recipes passed from

one generation of Shepherds to the next.

A stay with us will not only delight your taste buds,
but also introduce you to the local flavours of the region.


Our Rooms

Our journey began with a clear brief — JUNGLAAT is an ode to the city of its location, and the design and thought
to reflect this all the way. An ecorganic accommodation with intimate experiences.