Beyond the Monks & Momos

Showing you McLeod Ganj & Dharamshala beyond the Monastries is the raison d’être of Junglaat.

By means of our specially curated experiences, you can see a unique and never before seen side of the hill town.

From experiencing the town from a unique point of view to visiting a local home to savour home-cooked cuisine to exploring a hidden trek with shepherd and his flock or visiting the workshops of the local craftspeople to a street food safari, we have all of it covered.

Junglaat is made for you to experience McLeod Ganj. An ode to the town, the four pillars that form the foundation of Junglaat are the peace, nature, food and amalgamation of cultures.

Everything is adapted from local lifestyle – from dining to the experiences we offer,
both on and off the property.

The only accommodation in McLeod Ganj that showcases modern living inspired by
the folklore of locals, rediscovering them through yoga, music, bazaars, lost
recipes, you will find it all here.

Start your day with a traditional breakfast and follow it up with Junglaat
experiences created keeping your needs in mind.


We believe that every guest is an explorer, a wanderer, a true traveller for whom a destination is way more than a checklist of places to visit.
We understand your need to see more than what travel books offer and that’s why we don’t create itineraries, instead we share stories that only the locals know.
Keeping your needs in mind we have curated experiences that take you where no tourist has ever been. Simply choose the facet you want to explore and leave the rest to us.